Doctor in Computer Science and Engineering


Educational background

Work experience


  • Academic Awards
        Best Ph.D Thesis in Automatic Control of France, French Workgroup GdR MACS section Automatique, IFAC France, 2013

Research Grants

  • TIC-TAC-SDN (Towards effIcient bloCkchain-based disTributed SDN ArchiteCtures)2021 - 2024
  • bIoTope H2020 project (Building an IoT OPen innovation Ecosystem for connected smart objects)2016 - 2019
  • CaBEHM Grant (Context-aware Building Energy & Health Management)2015 - 2017
        EU Grant Amount: 2 year funding (grant n°FNR9095399)
        Official website: Official webpage

Research experience

Teaching experience

  • Sessional lecturer at the Lorraine University2009 - 2012
      My teaching experience is in networking and ICT (Information & Communication Technologies). I carried out my teaching at the Technological Institute in Networks and Telecommunications, which is part of Université de Lorraine (France). My missions were mainly conducted with bachelor-level students whose objectives were threefold:

      i) introduce the main concepts, standards and technologies in the networking area
      ii) provide knowledge on network management tools, in the contexts of local and large network infrastructures
      iii) put into practice the knowledge acquired by the students during the two first years of the bachelor degree
      Qualified Associate Professor in:

        – IT engineering, automation and signal processing (61st CNU section; Qualification ID 17261247277)
        – Computer Science (27th CNU section; Qualification ID 17227247277)